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Here you can read about my journey; a life path in constant relation between mind, dance, movement, thought, curiosity, ideas, research, creation and education.

Friday, 02 September 2022
  • Dance Intensive Introduction to PROJECTem, nunArt Creacions

    Friday, 02 September 2022  8:00 am - 10:00 am at

Performance and Works

Performance and works have evolved with life experiences and encounters. I tend to choreograph on others, myself and in collaboration with artist of many disciplines. Through the years I have found this practice to be the one that allows me to share. Share concerns about the world, society, personal stories, etc. This art form allows me to be an activist in my own way.

Dance Pedagogy

My mission is to engage information, experience it, transform it and transfer it. I feel I have the responsibility to do so with a will of growing dance, make it more acceptant, honest and accessible to all.
(I am grateful that I have been able to take dance, my passion, further into a career, that I have had the opportunity to have professional training and have engaged with incredible artists, educators and creators.)

Latest Projects

Too Far East Is West

Directed by Abhilash Ningappa
Performed by Gisela Creus and Abhilash Ningappa
Performances: July 27th Lion’s Jaw Dance Festival Barcelona
August 3rd Eix Festival, Auditori de Cardedeu, Barcelona

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Guest House

Directed by Michelle Bach-Coulibaly, New Works Dance Company
Performed by Andrea Fleckenstein, Aya Bisbee, Ruchi Pathak, LP Cserr, Steven Choummalaithong, Stephanie Turner, Anthony Andrade, Matthew Garza, Maria Isabel Diaz, Shuang He, Trent Lee, Moises Rogers, Gisela Creus, Lea D’Arminio and Assi Coulibaly.
Performances: May 2nd to 5th and May 25th Festival of Dance Stuart Theatre Brown University, Providence RI – US

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Ghost Dance

Choreography and Direction: Gisela Creus
Premiered Friday April 26th And Saturday April 27th at Modern Movements Dance Festival at AS220 Black Box Theatre, Providence RI
Poem by Mary Molinary
Performed by Karina Castro, Mary Langlois, Hannah Petrarca, Caroline Scanlan, Courtney-Ann Stockard as Contemporary Dance Ensemble
Music by I see the water, Steady the Stars (Instrumentals) by Young Oceans and This Rhythm is not mine by John De Kadt Ghost Dance: A Composition in 4 Gestures for 5 Bodies & 6 Voices

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