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TRAINING Gisela Creus has been dancing since the age of nine. She graduated from Company & Company with a professional dance degree and moved on to Laban Centre in London where she earned her bachelor’s degree with honours in dance-theater. She complimented her dance degree with courses at some of the world’s most renowned dance schools, like The London Contemporary School in London, Area Dansa in Barcelona, Graham School, and Cunningham Studio in New York. She accented her learnings with masterclasses and workshops from internationally acclaimed artist like Akram Khan, Hofesh Shechter, David Zambrano, Marie-Gabrielle Roti, Carolyn Carlson, Kirstie Simson, and Malou Airaudo. She is a participant in the dance scenes of three different cities/countries: Barcelona/Spain, London/UK and Providence-Boston/US.   At any given moment she can be found in one of these cities actively contributing to their contemporary dance discourse.

Gisela has also been training yoga for the last 15 years, as a complimentary discipline to dance (Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Original Hot Yoga)

PERFORMANCE Gisela joined the Ritme Escola de Dansa where she took part of the Youth Dance Company of the school. She started professional stage work as a cast member of the musical-theatre production Fame and Annie in Spain.

During this period she also worked with Moreno Ensemble where she later returned as company dancer under the guidance of choreographer Moreno Bernardi and MBDC.

She worked in dance companies such as Cia. COLOR DANSA, Roti Productions and Korsnes Kompany from Norway. In Barcelona She danced with Vbuit where she participated in a one-hour multidisciplinary dance piece that toured around Spain for two years. Recently She has performed in Work a production by Boston Moving Arts, produced by David Orr and Choreographed by Jenna Pollack.  Part of Wild Type show at the Boston Center of the Arts. And duet I and duet II choreographed by Mary Paula Hunter as part of Jump Projects! performed in AS220 Black Box and Dixon Place Theatre at New York. Together with three more Providence artist she has produced a show called Temporal Paths where she is presenting two duets with Danielle Davidson; Airing Quest and Corporeality in April 2019. In April 2019 she also joins NEW WORKS Dance Company at Brown University where she takes part of the piece The Guest House directed by Michelle Bach-Coulibaly at Stuart Theatre in Providence part of Festival of Dance. Gisela participated on the fourth Annual And I Still I Rise: Great RI Women Read Maya Angelou’s poetry where she danced a solo piece of Maya’s Angelou Run Joe Run at the First Baptist Church of America. She has performed Too far east is west a duet piece created by Abhilash Ningappa (India) and has been performed in Lion’s Jaw Dance Festival Barcelona 2019 and Eix Dance Festival, Auditori de Cardedeu in Spain.

She is currently touring with iTMRW, a 75-minute dance-theater piece set to a live performance of Arc Iris music group. It premiered The American Repertory Theatre (A.R.T) on January 25th and 26th at Oberon in Harvard Square, and continues its initial short run of shows to Burlington, VT at ArtsRiot on February 29th, and in Turner Falls in MA on March 13th.

CHOREOGRAPHY She has presented different pieces as a choreographer-performer  in collaboration with other artists or entities such as: nunArt-ARTERIA for hOur circle, Gataro-nunArt for Dust, the video-dance project for Sombras, Cape Verde International and Cultural Exchange Residency for Assomada Frescu, Raiz di Polon Dance Company for Untitled,  nunArt-Cobosmika for En passant, Dansalona and DID-12, Antonio da Veiga Rocha for The Black Abyss, Samuel Diz for On the Road, Laia Vila, Guillem Barceló and Fundació Arrels for Dorment, the video-dance piece for YZ with Laia Santanach and Cligbcn Productions and her latest collaboration with the canadian dancer and choreographer Danielle Davidson in US. Airing Quest (2018) and Corporeality (2019)  have been resident project at the Boston Conservatory and premiered at the Modern Movements Dance Festival, at the Black Box Theatre in AS220 and ProvinceTown Theater for Provincetown Dance Festival.

She has created three pieces of work for the Contemporary Dance Ensemble, a project created in Providence for dancers to train, create and present work under the direction of Gisela Creus. They have performed at Modern Movements Festival, PVD Fest! and have created two video dance films. 

On the Fall 2019 Gisela created work for Roger Williams University Dance Company ‘When we breathe again‘ and Providence College Dance Company ‘A Breath‘ both premiered in November 2019.

SOLOS Pushed was Gisela’s first solo created and performed in the US for the Women’s Choreographic Concert at Festival Ballet Theatre, the concerts serves as a platform for aspiring female choreographers to experiment and present a new work to an audience.  This piece was also performed in nunArt Barcelona and for FAB2019 Bates. In 2018 she created The Quiet A, her first long solo, a reflection of one’s positions in the world a true need to listen beyond, to listen to the essence while navigating in this world of loud and set structures. Created in Residency at AS220, Providence, US and premiered in 2018 at nunOff Festival in Barcelona.

In December 2019 Gisela has been awarded with the Fellowship in Choreography 2019 from RISCA – Rhode Island State Council on the Arts in United States for The quiet A solo and a Grant for her third collaboration with Danielle Davidson.

COLLABORATIONS Gisela’s collaborative work has always taken an international and interdisciplinary concern.  She has collaborated with artists from different countries and different disciplines, such as Clara Bes (musician & photographer – Spain), Chan Vi (Artist and Theater Designer – China), Abraao Vicente (photographer/activist & politician – Cape Verde), Norman Vasseur (Visual Artist – England), Verdant Vibes and Carolina Heredia (musician and composers-US/Argentina).

After having collaborated on separate projects over the past few years with Danielle Davidson and Orlando Hernandez, the three decided to create HDC Ensemble .​

PEDAGOGY Gisela has been teaching regularly throughout the past 10 years, mostly contemporary, ballet, improvisation and creative dance.  She has taught in nunArt, Area Dansa, Bots, Driss Dansa, Montserrat Creus and Color Dansa in Spain. In the United States she has taught in AS220, Jump!, Dance Company, Green Street Studios for Moving Target, and the Dance Complex for the Deep Dance Series.  

Together with Laura Vilar Gisela develop a program called AREA-CREA, a project for the professional dance students in Area Dansa in Barcelona. It is based on workshops and creative labs worked from one week to one month time spurts. Laura and Gisela have also design a dance degree curriculum for Area Dansa.  

Gisela is also a dance teacher and lecturer in Area Dansa and nunArt, where she develops specific workshops for professionals, intermediate, and beginners in the movement arts, as well as having been a dance teacher to the professional Artistic Gymnastics Team for Spain.

Last year she was invited to taught a weeklong intensive teaching engagement for a group of international dance professionals at the Play Practise Artiste Apprenticeship Residency in Bangalore, India.

She is currently an Adjunct professor in the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance at Salve Regina University where she teaches Contemporary and Ballet and Assist to direct Extensions Dance Company.

CREATIVE DANCE Gisela has developed her own projects which look to introduce Creative Dance to public school children and youth in Barcelona and surrounding areas. She has developed workshops for schools: Baldiri Reixach, Turó Blau, Mestre Gibert i CEIP and Teresa Claramunt. She has continued these projects in the US with the assistance of Jump! having created and taught dance curriculum for Dance Company platform in Spaziano Elementary School in Providence for the last two years and Alan Feinstein Elementary School through Festival Ballet Outreach Program.

PROJECTS Gisela is one of the founders of nunArt, a creative practices association for artists in Barcelona. Where she has been the head of education and member of the leading board for the last 11 years. She is also one of the producers of its annual Festival nunOff.

She has also recently joined the New Movement Collective in Boston where she assists with outreach for Lion’s Jaw Festival Boston.  She is also the curator and producer of the Lion’s Jaw Dance + Performance Festival Barcelona.

INSTITUTIONS Her work with creative institutions is also multi-faceted, having worked with the London School of Fashion and Design, The Art Academy of London, Cobosmika, Dansalona with APDC, DID-12 Ajuntament de Barcelona, L’Estruch and lately with Boston Center of The Arts.

FILM Gisela is the lead actress, choreographer and dancer in Catalonia’s award winning, writer/director, Dani Seguí’s new short film titled A Mitges released 2018 that speaks about a story of two dancers that while continuing in their tour, they get into an accident that will completely change their lives. Their reunion will force them to get to know each other better and to reinterpret their passion for dancing. The short Film has screened in more than 25 Film Festivals all over the world and has received 4 renamed Awards. 

COMMERCIAL Gisela has done modeling and acting work for brands such as Sanex, Escorpion, Credito i CaucióN and the Camera Club in London.

JUDGE Gisela has been invited to judge in two Choreosts, the Campeonato Coreografico 2016 and 2017 and three editions of Certamen Coreogràfic de Sabadell 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

VOLUNTEER & APPRENTICESHIP Gisela was an apprentice in CNN Roubaix with Carolyn Carlson and her Company.  In London she volunteered in an Association called CREATE. Charity that uses the power of the arts to transform lives, and worked in Sadler’s Wells Theater as a customer service representative, where she was able to engage with internationally known dance companies, talks, workshops and performances.

RECENTLY  Gisela has started a position as an Adjunct professor in the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance at Salve Regina University and has been awarded with the Fellowship in Choreography 2019 from RISCA – Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.

She continues to be a director and Board member together with Laura Vilar in nunArt  Creacions Contemporànies Association in Barcelona. 

She also directed and curated Lion’s Jaw Barcelona 2019 and assisted with the outreach for Lion’s Jaw Boston 2018 and 2019.

She is starting a new creative process for a new piece that will premiere in 2020, and continues to engage in  leading workshops, masterclasses, lectures in US and internationally.

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