nunArt ( nunArt Gracia ) and nunArt Creacions ( nunArt Guinardó ), nowadays are two associations, group of persons, artists and friends that want to promote the coexistence and artistic complicity of proximity. We do it having available two places: nunArt Gracia, which was inaugurated in year 2007, and nunArt Guinardó inaugurated in year 2012. 

Making a bit of history, a group of artists composed by Gisela Creus, Clara Bes, Gemma Martínez, Mariona Castillo and Miquel Barcelona, were in year 2007 the members founders of nunArt non-profit Association, making it a successful and referent place in cultural field in Barcelona city. 

In September 2019 nunArt Association, due to the volume and the needs of the project, was divided in two. This division has to do with the intention to be able to grow and to manage with more focus the potential and volume of the activities in each place. 

Gisela Creus and Laura Vilar found nunArt Creations Association, born from the essence of nunArt and with the desire to clarify and deepen the focus toward the performing arts professional, with an oriented look in artistic research, conscious spaces or indiscipline, as well as towards international ties.

In the nunArt (s) we have programmed training for all levels: from initiation to professional level, regular, intensive, monographic classes, rehearsal and working progress exhibitions. Dance, music and theater cycles are also welcomed, as well as the exhibitions  of the project created by the residences.

nunArt Guinardó management team is currently conformed by Gisela Creus (dancer, choreographer, teacher and nunArt and nunArt Creaciones co-founder ) and Laura Vilar (dancer, creator, teacher and researcher, nunArt Creaciones co-founder). They are responsible for devising and coordinating the activity carried out, as well as ensuring that the project is sustainable, conscious and flexible to the needs of the moment.

nunArt is possible thanks to a large number of artists, friends and related entities that are part of this project through collaborations and exchanges that, on the one hand, it allows each one to develop proffesionally , while to nunArt allows to keep the structure. 

nunArt is an open place for the training, research and creation. We believe that individual exploration and artistic creativity do not only have to be practices restricted to the professional field, but also can be part of the vital and expressive development of any individual, at any age. Therefore, ours is a place that, in its 10 years of existence, has established itself as a center for the development of the local and international scenic, training and creative fabric, but also with the disire of being open to people of any professional field who want to explore their human and expressive potential. 

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