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The Quiet A

Choreography and performance by Gisela Creus

The Quiet  A
Quiet, without or with little sound…making little or no noise.
An Intimate solo, an expression, a communication, an acceptance of modesty.

‘…It’s not about me being in the front and having to be loud and heard, it’s knowing that there will be a time when I speak, in my way and with my voice, when you will speak, in your way and with your voice, as we often do, that we will truly listen and be heard…’

Navigating in this world of loud and set structures, I have a need to listen beyond, to listen to the essence of myself and recuperate my true motivation.

Music by Clara Bes and Fabrizio Paterlini   ‘Soffia la notte’

Sound Editing Any Russ

Premiered in nunOff 2018 Festival


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