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Created and Performed by: Gisela Creus and Laia Vila in collaboration with Guillem Barceló

Music: Guillem Barceló and Jan Fité

Performances: July 6th 2015 Festival 30 Nits, Sabadell – Spain

May 28th nunArt Guinardó, Barcelona – Spain 

Resident Project in: L’Estruch and nunArt

In collaboration with: L’Estruch, Fundació Arrels, nunArt, Ajuntament de Barcelona and Ajuntament de Sabadell.

Dorment is a piece created in 2015 in collaboration between the dancers and choreographers Gisela Creus and Laia Vila, and the drummer Guillem Barceló.

Inspired by the social work of the Arrels Foundation, which is dedicated to the care of the homeless.

The pillars of life symbolize them through the intertwined threads of a network. The network is one’s life and the threads the connections one can build. Work life, physical and mental health, relational life, love, education, friends, family, language, origin, personality, etc.The vulnerability of these threads is a reality. They can easily break … and without realizing it will lead to solitude.

This piece wants to be a reflection on the causes that can lead a person to lose everything and find themselves in a homeless situation.

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