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El Banquet

Original idea and direction by: Vbuit Dance Company Laura Vilar and Miquel Barcelona

Performed by: Miquel Barcelona, Santi Carcasona, Gisela Creus, Clara Llobet, David Novoa, Laia Santanach, Quim Vilagran i Laura Vilar

Guest Artists: Jorge Albuerne, Oriol Mula, etc. 

Video by: Laura Carrau

Photography by: Clara Bes

Duration: 60 min


el banquet singular

29.04.2016, 20h: can cors, celrà, girona (video)

05.03.2016, 21h: teatre de la societat, corbera de llobregat, barcelona

28.02.2016, 18h: la danseria, vilafranca del penedès, barcelona

22.01.2016, 21h: area, espai de creació, barcelona (vídeo)

27.12.2015, 12.30h: nunart guinardó, barcelona (vídeo)

28.11.2015, 19h: la caldera les corts, barcelona (vídeo)

18.10.2015, 20 i 22h: sala hiroshima, barcelona (vídeo)

21.07.2015, 21h: festival de creació emergent de barcelona nunoff; nunart gràcia, barcelona (vídeo

el banquet

13.06.2015, 20h a 22h: nunart guinardó, barcelona (vídeo)

16.05.2015, 20h i 22h: nunart guinardó, barcelona

21.03.2015, 20h i 22h: nunart guinardó, barcelona

El Banquet is a scenic group experience about the inclusion of difference.

El Banquet responds to a formula: a fixed scenic proposal with six dancers, a musician and two guests (one with a multidisciplinary profile and a musician) proposed by the space. This formula result in an itinerant co-creation proposal with these two guests in relation with reality, network projects and choices of the space we interact with               

Scenically, we have a three-side audience that generates participatory actions which, led by the fixed musician team, have a direct impact on the soundtrack and on the development of El Banquet.


El Banquet is a project that wants to be in essence an exercise and an experience on integration. The integration of a space that is not only scenic, the integration of guests who provide different universes and proposals to add and recreate, and especially the integration of a participatory audience that proposes and which is an active and a potential part.

All parts are presented with the irreparable feeling of not knowing how this meal will be developed, and, in this sense, we find the richness of feeling involved and productive.


El Banquet, a scenic inclusion.           

The body is still reacting to ancestral learning that reminds him that a group of people looking at him intently, wants him any harm. Their gaze is aggressive; the approach creates intimacy and excessive subtlety, resulting in suspicions of aggression, distrust or cannibalism. El Banquet proposes to relearn this association of ideas. Through the acceptance of difference, we suggest a trip with different properties and group situations that creates a wide range of possibilities, emotions and realities. El Banquet suggests trends, it is nourished, it celebrates patterns and it becomes a great experience of integrating change.

Trajectory of “El Banquet”

In season 2014-15 and in the first stage of the project, El Banquet has been performed 9 times at nunArt Guinardó, with a total of 18 different guests from the world of dance, theater, music, television, thought, direction… like Jordi Cortés (dancer, choreographer and performer), Cesc Casadessús (Director of Mercat de les Flors), Sergi Torres (lecturer), Alessio Arena (musician), Mariona Castillo (singer) and Nausicaa Bonnin (actress).

For the 2015-16 season, we removed the proposal from nunArt and we open it to other special spaces who were interested in generating a global proposal or simply to program it. El Banquet was at nunOff (Festival of Emerging Creation of Barcelona), Sala Hiroshima, la Caldera Les Corts, etc.


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